Hotel Accident Claims: Hurt in the Hotel Pool

| July 23, 2015

Last Update: 1/14/18 Here in Florida, it seems like every hotel in the Miami – Palm Beach – Fort Lauderdale area has a nice swimming pool for its guests to enjoy, even if the pool is only steps away from swimming in the Atlantic Ocean itself. Hotels and pools just go together here in South […]

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Claim at a Shopping Mall or Strip Center

| July 14, 2015

Last Update: 11/11/17 What Are The Different Types of Slip and Fall Risks and How Can A Victim Recover Compensation? There are all sorts of risks of a slip and fall accident for someone shopping in a shopping mall or strip center.  The most common risks include: falls caused by merchandise that has fallen into […]

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Claim at a Theme Park Like Disney World

| July 7, 2015

Last Update: 4/18/17 Family fun in Florida, for both tourists and those living here, not only means going to the beach or enjoying water sports – it also means a trip to a theme park or amusement park, which for many people means one thing: a trip to Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World isn’t […]

Walmart Slip And Fall – How to Prove Your Claim In Florida

| June 30, 2015

Last Update: 12/29/15 For better of for worse, there are 26 Wal-Marts located throughout South Florida (according to CityData, there are 12 Wal-Mart stores serving Broward County, with another 6 in Miami-Dade County and 8 in PalmBeach County).  And most of us shop there for all sorts of things, from food and groceries to filling […]

Proving Your Florida Parking Lot Slip, Trip and Fall Claim

| June 25, 2015

Last Update: 10/28/17 Here in South Florida, parking lots are something most of us take for granted. We drive to Publix or Winn Dixie for groceries and we park our cars in a parking lot. We go to the movies, and we park in a parking lot. We take the kids to see the Miami […]

Grocery Store Slip and Fall – How to Prove Your Claim

| June 23, 2015

Last Update: 10/11/17 Going to the grocery store – it’s something we all do. Whether it’s taking the full grocery list to buy a week’s work of food for family meals, or running into the local supermarket or corner store to grab diapers or beer or milk, shopping at the grocery store or supermarket chain […]

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Claim That Occurs in a Bar or Nightclub

| June 16, 2015

Last Update: 01/05/16 South Florida, particularly Miami and Miami Beach, is known for its festive atmosphere. Watch the tabloid news and you’ll see celebrities vacationing here, swimming on our beaches in the daytime, and dancing the night away in clubs. Nightclubs and bars are great places to unwind, have fun, maybe meet someone. However, they […]

Restaurant Slip and Fall – How to Prove a Claim in Florida

| June 11, 2015

Last Update: 8/17/16 In South Florida, we enjoy a large number and variety of restaurants where we can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner 24/7 virtually every day of the year. From fast food franchises like McDonald’s, Burger King, or Subway, to family dining spots like The Cheesecake Factory, Denny’s, Duffy’s or The Ale House, as […]

Proving a Slip and Fall Claim Against a Florida Hotel

| June 9, 2015

Last Update: 1/1/18 South Florida is a desired vacation destination for many people in the United States as well as those from Canada, Great Britain, and many parts of South America. Miami, in particular, has an international reputation as a place to have a great time. Hotels like the Fontainebleau and the Biltmore are considered […]

Hurt in a Fall Because of No Floor Mat?; Rain Requires Extra Protection

| May 7, 2015

Last Update: 01/05/16 Florida deals with the dangers from rain and wind all of the time. In fact, the biggest of all rain storms, the hurricane, is something that Floridians expect and prepare for every year. We’re lucky to have had a few years now without being hit with a series of severe storms like […]