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Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

A Florida personal injury lawsuits begins with the filing of a complaint with the clerk of the court which sets forth the facts of the case and the cause of action of why the lawsuit is being filed. The plaintiff asks for damages and for other relief the court may deed proper. Once the lawsuit is filed, a summons is issued and the lawsuit is served upon the defendant.

The steps that follow include, the filing of an answer, motions, discovery which includes interrogatories and depositions, mediation, jury selection, trial and in some cases an appeal.

In every step of the process, issues have arisen that have led to court rulings for future personal injury lawsuits to follow. Below are articles about some of the common issues that have been raised by parties including the risks associated with filing a personal injury lawsuit.

A good piece of advice if you have been injured due to the negligence of a someone else, is to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn about your rights. The sooner you act the better, because there are time limits in Florida to file a lawsuit (statute of limitations).

Settle Your Injury Case or File a Lawsuit: What’s Best for You?

There are certain issues to consider when you are trying to decide if you should settle your personal injury claim or sue, including avoiding the stress related to being re-victimized by an insurance company.

How Do Florida Juries Decide Damage Awards When The Victim Has A “Pre-Existing Condition?”

Florida victims with a personal injury claim and pre-existing condition should be aware of how juries decide awards based on the instructions they receive from the judge.

Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit Risks

Before filing a lawsuit, you should understand the risks associated with doing so including Proposals For Settlement and Paying The Defendant’s Attorney’s Fees.

Can A Prior Lawsuit Hurt My New Personal Injury Claim?

Your prior lawsuit might affect you in obtaining a fair settlement offer or jury award in your current lawsuit due to credibility issues. Is the cause of action the same and are the injuries the same?

5 Most Popular Car Accident Lawsuits That Go to Trial

There are five types of car accidents that are more likely to go to trial than other types of crashes including rear-end accidents which insurance companies often dispute.

3 Reasons Why an Injury Claim Becomes a Lawsuit

There are three reasons why injury victims file a lawsuit including whether or not you have a pre-existing condition.



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