Energy Drinks Known to Be Dangerous for Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults: Why Are They Still Being Sold – and Are You or a Loved One at Serious Risk of Energy Drink Harm?

| May 16, 2013

Last Update: 01/25/16 Everyone Knows These Energy Drinks Are Dangerous — People Can Die From Drinking Energy Drinks The sad truth about the Florida (and US) marketplace today is that caffeine-filled energy drinks are being marketed and sold to children, teenagers, and young adults, even though it’s pretty much understood among experts and those dealing […]

Does a Florida Insurance Adjuster Want to Record Your Statement about an Accident or Injury? 10 Things to Know About Recorded Statements by Insurance Adjusters

| May 2, 2013

Last Update: 02/01/16   After an accident or when someone is injured in a way that involves an insurance claim, there will be (as a general rule) two insurance companies involved: 1.  the injured person’s insurance company (usually paying the medical expenses)(called “the first party carrier”); and 2.  the other person’s insurance company (the insurance […]