Pedestrian Accidents and Bus Crashes

| March 24, 2015

Last Update: 01/05/16 Unfortunately, when someone gets hit by a bus they are usually seriously hurt or even killed in the accident. Most of the victims are on foot — which Florida law defines as a “pedestrian”.  Fortunately, pedestrians involved in some type of vehicular accident are afforded protection under Florida’s personal injury law.   […]

Are Florida Traffic Accidents More Likely in The Summer Months?

| May 6, 2014

Last Update: 01/13/16 Florida is beautiful, and in the summer months not only do native Floridians get out and about to drive the scenic routes or take short weekend jaunts, but many people drive vehicles into the Sunshine State to explore all the fun and festive and fabulous things that Florida has to offer. Which […]

What Type Of Legal Duty Does A Florida Property Owner Have For Injuries To Visitors?: Florida Premises Liability- Invitee, Licensee, & Trespasser Distinctions

| February 18, 2014

Last Update: 5/19/18 In Florida, the body of statutory law and court cases which creates legal liability for a property owner, liability which stems from the duties that a property owner owes to certain persons who have been hurt in an accident with serious injury or even death, is known as Florida’s Premises Liability law. […]

What are the Florida Laws to Help Accident Victims Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury With Long Term Care and Therapy Needs?

| January 23, 2014

Last Update: 01/18/16 In Florida, victims of all sorts of accidents — slip and falls at hotel poolsides; crashes in water sports; car accidents — can suffer serious and lifelong injuries that permanently impact the ability of their brain and nervous system to function as they once did. For those suffering traumatic brain injury (TBI), […]

South Florida Brain Injury Victims – What Help is there for TBI Victims and Their Caregivers and Families?

| January 16, 2014

Last Update: 01/18/16 There has been lots of national media coverage of the pending $675 Million National Football League Concussion Lawsuit settlement, because the federal judge presiding over the case has not yet okayed the deal entered into by attorneys for the National Football League (NFL) and the lawyers representing over 4000 plaintiffs.  The plaintiffs […]

Child Sports Injuries: Falling on the Playing Field and The Dangers of Serious Head Injuries (Concussions) in Kids Under 18 Years Old – Football Isn’t The Only Dangerous Sport

| December 17, 2013

Last Update: 02/01/16 The coverage given to recent lawsuits filed against the National Football League, regarding permanent injuries from concussions sustained by football players which have led to lifetime disabilities or death, have increased public awareness of the dangers of playing football and head injuries. Because of this increased media coverage, parents and coaches are now […]

Infographic: Teen Drivers in Car Crashes – The Percentages (from NHTSA)

| October 25, 2013

Infographic: Kids and Unintentional Medication Overdoses in the U.S.: Child Medication Poisoning Deaths

| October 4, 2013

Has Your Child Been Hurt While Away at Camp? Camp Safety for Kids and Claims Against Camps for Injuries to Children

| July 18, 2013

Last Update: 01/27/16 Every year, thousands of parents across the State of Florida pack their kids up and wave goodbye as the children go off to camp for the summer. There’s all sorts of children’s camps here in the Sunshine State: some are affiliated with churches, synagogues or schools, some are tied to particular activities […]

Florida Hurricane 2013: 12 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for the Hurricane Season – Best Defense is a Good Offense Against Hurricane Insurance Adjusters

| July 16, 2013

Last Update: 02/01/16 Florida has been lucky for awhile now, hurricane-wise. In fact, the Huffington Post has made note of our good fortune in a recent article that points out that the State of Florida has not been the target of a major hurricane for eight years now (since 2005). Which may mean we’re due […]