What’s In Our Free eBook On Settling A Florida Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer?

  • What Are Some Common Types of Personal Injury Cases That Can Be Settled Without A Lawyer?
  • What Does Liability Mean?
  • When Can You Seek Damages For Your Injuries?
  • What Are The Different Types Of Damages You Can Collect?
  • Will Any of Your Injuries Be Permanent or Will All of Your Injuries Resolve?
  • What About Repaying My Health Insurer or Paying Unpaid Medical Bills?
  • What Preparatory Work Do You Need to Do for Your Case?
  • Handling the Insurance Adjuster and the Insurance Company
  • Negotiating Tactics to Use with Adjusters
  • Should You Allow Recorded Statements and Access to Your Medical Records?
  • Dealing with Your Medical Providers
  • Should You Keep a Journal of Your Injury Recovery?
  • Should You Take Pictures of the Injury Over Time?
  • The Role of the IME (Independent Medical Exam) and How to Handle It
  • Repairing Your Vehicle and Getting Paid For The Damage To It
  • What You Need to Know About Demand Letters
  • The Insurance Company’s Response
  • How Insurance Companies Justify Low Offers
  • Personal Injury Cases in Context
  • Will Hiring a Lawyer Result in a Higher Settlement Offer?

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Florida personal injury lawyer Alan Sackrin’s e-book, “How To Settle A Florida Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer,” is available for FREE. Alan wrote this guide for injury victims in South Florida to answer many of their common questions. In the book, Alan breaks down personal injury law in easy-to-understand terms and he highlights the things you really need to know. If you have a personal injury claim in South Florida, this book is a MUST READ!


Free Ebook On How To Settle A Florida Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer

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