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Learn About Florida Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is a broad term relating to a third party acting in a way, negligently, that causes bodily harm to another. That harm can be physical damages as well as emotional and it can be caused by a slip and fall, car accident and even defamation or slander. This page about Florida personal injury law provides a gateway to the many articles Alan has written about these topics, including general discussions about the different areas of Florida personal injury law with links to relevant case law that can be found on google scholar and other trustworthy sources.

Our articles are arranged by general legal topics with each item linked to an article Alan has written. Simply find the area of law that most closely matches your needs, and then click into the section to jump to the specific article he has written.

Slip And Falls

  • Slip and Fall Claims in Florida
  • Slip and Fall at the Store With a Wet Floor Sign
  • Grocery Store Slip and Fall
  • More…
Body Part Injuries

  • Florida Herniated Disk Injury Claims
  • Shoulder Injury Claims Caused By A Car Accident
  • Ankle Injuries in a Slip and Fall Accident
  • More…
Car Accidents

  • Pedestrian Car Accidents in Florida
  • Rear-End Collisions In Florida
  • Who Pays For My Damages In A Florida Car Crash?
  • More…

  • What is Pain and Suffering under Florida Law?
  • Lost Wage Claims in Florida Injury Cases
  • Do You Still Have An Injury Claim If You Wait To See A Doctor
  • More…

  • Defamation Cases Where Plaintiffs Were Victorious
  • Defamation Per Se
  • Florida Defamation of Character Lawsuits
  • More…
Evidence And Proof

  • Documentary Evidence in Florida Personal Injury Cases
  • Getting Evidence from Third Party Sources: Proving Your Florida Accident Claim
  • More…
Hotel Injuries

  • Florida Hotel Laws: Who Controls Hotel Safety And Security
  • Slip and Fall in Your Hotel Bathroom
  • Florida Hotel Negligence Claims
  • More….
Insurance Adjusters

  • 10 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Claims
  • Abusive Insurance Adjusters – Leveling The Playing Field
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Car Insurance Adjusters
  • More…
Premises Liability

  • Florida Premises Liability Law
  • Slip And Fall On A Wet Restaurant Floor
  • What Are The Duties That a Florida Landlord Has To Its Residential Tenants and Their Guests?
  • More…
Personal Injury Lawsuits

  • Settle Your Injury Case or File a Lawsuit: What’s Best for You?
  • How Do Florida Juries Decide Damage Awards When The Victim Has A “Pre-Existing Condition?
  • Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit Risks
  • More…

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