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Blog Update Policy

We strive to share what we know about Florida personal injury law by writing comprehensive articles on specific personal injury topics, with citations to the latest case law. However, this goal can be daunting especially when the law is constantly changing and we are spending most of our day helping our clients and talking with our website visitors.

At the beginning of a blog post, if “Last Update” appears, this means that we may have made some type of change to the blog post from something as little as correcting our grammar or fixing the punctuation to adding or changing case law citations. However, it also means, that we have reviewed the entire article as of the date of the update to be certain that our authoritative citations are still relevant.  We don’t catch all of our imperfections, but we try our best.

With that said, you will find at the bottom of every page of this website a notice that reads:  These articles are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Florida law is constantly changing. Therefore, we strongly recommend talking with a Florida personal injury lawyer to learn your rights.

This is a very important statement and we hope that our visitors read this statement and follow these instructions. We understand our responsibility associated with a site of this nature. The search engines place a special responsibility on sites like ours which they refer to as “Your Money, Your Life (YMYL)” pages. One such policy can be found here.  Specifically, see page 9, section 2.3 of google’s search quality evaluation guidelines in which google says, “We have very high Page Quality rating standards for YMYL pages because low-quality YMYL pages could potentially negatively impact users’ happiness, health, financial stability, or safety.”  We strictly adhere to these guidelines and have done so from the first day this site was launched in 2013.

Our goal on this blog is not to simply write the longest article that is a regurgitation of what you can find on many websites on the internet.  We don’t use the latest “techniques” to game the search engines. We choose not to engage in these tactics. Our focus instead is to write informative articles to educate our readers on what we have learned over our lengthy legal careers about personal injury law. We spend hours editing this content and citing to case law and other authoritative sources that supports the information we provide on this blog.

Thank you for visiting and if you find information on this blog that may need to be updated or read something that does not make sense to you, we appreciate your help by sending us an email to let us know where we need to correct or clarify something we have written.

Alan Sackrin’s Credentials:

Alan graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, J.D. 1982, with honors, in the top 5% of his class. His undergraduate degree was from the State University of New York at Albany in 1979, where he graduated magna cum laude. In 1991, he became certified as a Civil Trial Expert by The Florida Bar, which means he is a trial expert in personal injury cases (slip and falls, car accidents and defamation) before state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies and arbitrators. In 1994, he opened his own firm to focus on personal injury and other civil litigation cases. Additionally, for over 10 years, Alan has been an AV-rated attorney by Martindale Hubbell. 

If you would like to know more about Alan Sackrin and his credentials, please feel free to contact him by email or by calling him at our office. Our office telephone number is (954) 458-8655.  Additionally, you can see Alan’s profile at the Florida Bar’s website.


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