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Learn About Florida Defamation Law – Index

An index of defamation articles that discuss the issues for prevailing, or defending a libel or slander claim.

In Florida, defamation is generally defined as a publication of false statements that directly and approximately result in an injury to another. Under Florida law, defamation includes both libel and slander.

Libel is a written publication of false statements that cause injury to the victim. A writing includes a picture, drawing, sign, or any other depiction of a person. In order for the wrongful writing to be actionable, it must expose the victim to hatred, or ridicule that causes a person to be shunned or avoided or that has a tendency to injure any person, corporation, or other entity in his, her, or its business or occupation.

Under Florida law, slander is a spoken statement that is published to others and that tends to damage that person’s reputation, ability to conduct that person’s business or profession, and that holds that person to disgrace and humiliation.

A defamatory statement does not become actionable until it is published or communicated to a third person and proof of publication is necessary to be found liable for defamation. One key to measuring damages is looking at the number of people who heard or saw the defamatory statement. This is one of the first lines of inquiry in the defense of a defamation action.

Below are several of Alan’s defamation articles where you can learn about issues including whether or not a publication has occurred (retweeting a falsehood is likely not defamation) and see examples of successful defamation lawsuits.

Examples of Florida Defamation Cases Where Plaintiffs Were Victorious

Read about three interesting court cases that demonstrate how victims of libel or slander have found justice. Read more.

Florida Defamation of Character Lawsuits

There are certain issues you need to know prior to filing a defamation lawsuit, including the falsity of the statement that caused injury to the plaintiff. Read more.

Defamation Per Se

There are certain defamation cases in Florida where no evidence of harm is required, like when someone falsely states a person has been involved in some kind of criminal activity. Read more.

Florida Defamation of Character Claims

“Libel” and “slander” make-up defamation of character, and, committing one of these acts in Florida can be the basis of a civil lawsuit for damages. Read more.

Defenses To Defamation Lawsuits: Libel and Slander Claims

Common defenses to defamation claims (libel or slander) include truth, anti-SLAPP, and the limitations doctrine. See the other 7 defenses that we use. Read more.

Defamation Claim Against Your Condo or Homeowners Association?

People get upset at a board meeting and hurl hurtful and malicious statements about their fellow unit owners. Insurance companies make it very difficult to settle these cases. Read more.

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