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Last Update: 01/18/16

There has been lots of national media coverage of the pending $675 Million National Football League Concussion Lawsuit settlement, because the federal judge presiding over the case has not yet okayed the deal entered into by attorneys for the National Football League (NFL) and the lawyers representing over 4000 plaintiffs.  The plaintiffs (former players) sued the NFL for wrongful death and for permanent injuries caused by head trauma, which resulted in traumatic brain injuries and concussions, the players sustained while playing football (or while practicing in drills, etc.).

Apparently, the judge isn’t satisfied yet that this multi-million dollar settlement does enough to protect these victims and their families long-term. So the lawyers are working to bring the judge more information in order to help get the deal done.

Brain Injuries and Concussions Happen to All Sorts of People – Not Just Pro Football Players – in South Florida

There is no doubt, that Football can be a dangerous sport. It’s reported that each year 25,000 kids between 8 and 19 years old receive ER treatment because they sustained a head injury while playing football.

However, every day someone living or visiting Florida suffers a permanent brain injury and/or head trauma while doing something other than playing football. Water sports bring the danger of TBIs, along with other sporting activities (baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.) as well as fun rides like ATVs and Motorcycles. Sadly, another contributing factor to Florida’s brain injury statistics are assaults where head trauma is caused by a violent attack, such as those suffered during instances of domestic violence.

According to the Brain Injury Association of  Florida, there are approximately 210,000 people living with permanent TBI-related disabilities in Florida right now and by the year 2020, the number of Florida TBI victims are expected to be around 260,000.

Every year in Florida,  around 97,000 people suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury, and 3800 of these victims will die from their injury.  

Long Term Medical Care Is Needed for Florida Brain Injury Victims

For those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, their life is permanently changed. Many are paralyzed, others suffer more hidden damage like behavioral concerns and personality changes. The State of Florida has passed laws that help these victims and their families with practical things like long-term care and more.

For instance, Florida’s community reintegration services help with things like:

  • community re-entry/transitional living;
  • home modifications;
  • medications/medical supplies;
  • occupational therapy;
  • physical therapy,
  • psychological/ neuropsychological evaluations;
  • rehabilitation engineer evaluations;
  • speech/cognitive therapy, and
  • transportation services.

However, for many Florida brain injury victims and their families these government assistance programs will not be enough — or they may not qualify for state assistance.

For these Florida TBI patients, a personal injury lawsuit against the ATV manufacturer, the hotel pool owner, etc., may be necessary to obtain the needed care and long term support for the victim and his or her family.

What Should You Do Now?

A good piece of advice if you have been harmed in an accident, is to at least speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you file a claim to learn about some of the issues that can arise with these claims, including the type of evidence needed to prove a claim and the type and amount of damages you can recover. Most personal injury lawyers, like Alan Sackrin, will offer a free initial consultation (over the phone or in person) to answer your questions.



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