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Last Update: 02/03/16

In this video, Alan Sackrin answers a question that he has been asked many times before by clients and visitors to this site. If you have questions after watching the video, Alan is available to talk with you now and answer your questions free of charge:

Q: What happens during a personal injury settlement conference?

A: A personal injury settlement conference, more commonly known as a mediation is required in almost every case that is brought in Florida Circuit Courts. What happens is a qualified mediator is hired and paid for equally by both sides to attempt to bring the parties to an agreement to settle the case. At the beginning of the mediation conference each attorney will have an opportunity to say why they believe in the strengths of their case, and then the mediator will split the parties up into separate rooms and travel back and forth and discuss the merits of the case with each lawyer and try to obtain an agreed dollar amount so the parties can amicably resolve the case right at the mediation.



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