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Everyday in South Florida, Home Depot and Lowes compete for customers’ business in hardware, home appliances, gardening and so much more.  It’s so hard to know who the winner is when it comes to selling the most products and services.  However, we do know who the winner is for getting sued the most in slip and falls in Broward County. In 2015, Home Depot was sued 10 times while Lowes was sued only 3 times for slip and fall and other related premises liability injuries. Here are some samples of the slip and fall cases filed against Home Depot in 2015 (these are not our cases):

S.R.  v.  Home Depot USA, Inc.
Injury due to HOME DEPOT not having an employee properly load materials onto cart and/or not having somebody to assist plaintiff when unloading the materials.

R.E.  v.  Home Depot USA, Inc.
Hand brushed against a metal object causing him to slice his hand open.

K.M.  v.  Home Depot USA, Inc.
Metal railing material fell out of box it came in, onto plaintiffs foot injuring him.

P.S.  v.  Home Depot USA, Inc.
Home Depot negligently failed to stack the tiles safely, causing it to fall on top of him, injuring him.

C.P.D.  v.  Home Depot USA, Inc.
Tripped over a speed bump and fell to the ground of the parking garage and was almost struck in the head by the wheel of an oncoming truck.

O.P.  v.  Home Depot USA, Inc.
Plaintiff was injured when the table provided by the defendant collapsed while plaintiff was putting plants on it.
Whether or not you are hurt at Home Depot or Lowes by something falling on you or by slipping or tripping on something in the aisle at one of these stores, Florida’s premises liability law will be used to determine if you can recover compensation for your injuries. Depending on the facts of the case, under these laws,  a victim may be able to recover lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

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