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In this video, Alan Sackrin answers a question that he has been asked many times before by clients and visitors to this site. If you have questions after watching the video, Alan is available to talk with you now and answer your questions free of charge:

Q: What happens when the person who caused the accident leaves the scene?

A: If the per son who caused the accident leaves the scene and is never able to be determined or located, then you still have a claim against your uninsured motorist insurance carrier if in fact you did have uninsured motorist insurance.

    Uninsured motorist coverage protects you in the event you’re injured by a motorist who does not have bodily injury liability insurance, or sufficient bodily injury liability insurance to cover the value of your injuries. A hit and run motorist who is unable to be identified at any time is considered under Florida law to be an uninsured motorist and you can go against your own insurance company and make a claim for your bodily injury.



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