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In this video, Alan Sackrin answers a question that he has been asked many times before by clients and visitors to this site. If you have questions after watching the video, Alan is available to talk with you now and answer your questions free of charge:

Q: How do you determine pain and suffering damages for back pain caused by a slip and fall?

A: You determine pain and suffering for a back injury in a Florida slip and fall case by a multiple of factors. The first manner would be whether or not you have had a preexisting condition. Whether you have gone to the doctor at any time in your life before the slip and fall accident for treatment to your back, whether it was from another accident or whether it was just something you had waking up one morning. Other factors in determining back pain and pain and suffering in slip and fall cases are the extent to which, in fact, the back pain limits your ability to lead a normal life. How is your life restricted as a result of the back pain? Are you able to work as you did beforehand? Are you able to enjoy your life’s activities such as sports or other hobbies that you may have? Are you able to run and job as you did before the incident?

    These are some of the factors that are used to determine pain and suffering damages for back injuries in a Florida slip and fall case.



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