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In this video, Alan Sackrin answers a question that he has been asked many times before by clients and visitors to this site. If you have questions after watching the video, Alan is available to talk with you now and answer your questions free of charge:

Q: Can I prove injuries if I didn’t feel any pain at the time of the car accident?

A: If you did not feel pain at the time of the car crash, or shortly thereafter, you still can prove that you have sustained injuries, and sometimes significant injuries, as a result of that crash. Many people, at the time of a motor vehicle collision, are hurt but don’t realize it because there’s adrenaline flowing. Many people legitimately are not hurt at the time of an accident but the injuries are felt hours or even days later; that is not an uncommon occurrence.

However, in Florida car crashes, it is important for a plaintiff to prove that he or she has sustained a permanent injury from a car crash in order to recover money for pain and suffering. Sometimes, in those situations, it may be difficult for a jury to believe that a permanent injury was sustained when there was no injury claimed at the time of the accident. However, it still can be proved through your doctor’s testimony, through your testimony, and the testimony of people close to you.



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