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It is a well-known fact that poor car maintenance is among the most common causes of car accidents in South Florida. Personal injury lawsuits are filed every day as a result of negligent drivers. However, for those safe drivers who come to complete stops at stop signs, always use their blinkers, and keep their focus on the road, there may be one detail that they’re overlooking.

It is extremely important that you keep up with tire maintenance. This includes keeping an eye on:

Tire Pressure

It is recommended that you check your tire pressure every day before driving your car. Keeping your tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment is a great way to ensure that you have it with you at all times. If you aren’t sure what your car’s tire pressure should be, you can typically find this information on a sticker placed on the inside of the door. If not, check the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer if needed.

Wear and Tear

The amount of tread wear is not the same on all four tires. As you drive your car, the tires in the front may have more signs of feathering (a wear pattern found on the tire tread) than those in the rear, and vice-versa.

Rotating your tires at your scheduled vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to prolong the life of the tires and your car. This can help maintain your suspension by reducing vibrations while the car is being driven, reduce noise, and can even increase your gas mileage.

Tire Alignment

Something as small as hitting a curb can damage your tires and throw them out of alignment. Misalignment causes your tires to wear down much faster than it should. As a result, you may be putting yourself and your passengers at risk of getting in a serious car accident. For example, worn down tires have a higher risk of hydroplaning when driving in the rain.

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