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According to Florida law, to claim and recover damages from the owner after a slip and fall on a waxed floor, the victim must shows acts of negligence buy the owner or other responsible party. This could be due to improper waxing or polishing methods, or showing that the condition of the floor was unsafe compared to if it had been correctly waxed and a throw rug properly placed:

an owner is not an insurer of the safety of an ‘invitee’ and may apply wax and place throw rugs on his floors in the usual and customary manner without incurring liability to one who slips and falls thereon; and it is incumbent upon the person who falls to show ‘affirmative acts of negligence on the part of the owner * * * either in the method or manner * * * of waxing or polishing the floors * * * or that the floors were in a different condition than would have resulted from proper waxing’ and placing a throw rug thereon. First Federal Savings & Loan Ass’n. of Miami v. Wylie (Fla.), 46 So.2d 396. See also Mannix v. Matthews (App.Div.) (30 A.D.2d 895) 292 N.Y.S.2d 33; Nelson v. Smeltzer, 221 Iowa 972, 265 N.W. 924; Brown v. Davenport Holding Co., 134 Neb. 455, 279 N.W. 151 (161); and Murrell v. Handley, 245 N.C. 559, 96 S.E.2d 717.’

See: Harvey v. Bryant, 238 So. 2d 462 



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