Yellow Warning Tape and Your Florida Slip and Fall Injury: Does the Tape Mean You Have No Fall Injury Claim Against Them?

| February 25, 2014

Last Update: 12/15/16 There are certain places, especially in South Florida, where the environment itself makes an area somewhat risky to walk across. For example, steps and stairs near a swimming pool or on a boat dock, are likely to have water splashed upon them periodically – people should be warned to be careful as […]

Hurt at a Florida Theme Park? Did You Slip and Fall at Disney or Another Florida Amusement Park? Florida Premises Liability Law Controls Your Claim

| November 14, 2013

Last Update: 04/18/17 Florida is a fun place to be — those that live here know it, and people coming here for family vacations or winter living (snowbirds) know it, too. We have sun and sand and friendly people. And, we also have a whole lot of fun parks here, Theme Parks and Amusement Parks. […]

Duty to Protect Yourself at a Hotel, Bar, Theme Park, Concert — Who Has The Responsibility to Protect Customers Against Injuries?

| September 12, 2013

Last Update: 12/26/16 Florida is known to be a great place to have fun.  The residents of Florida are proud and happy to welcome people from around the country and around the world to its hotels and beaches as well as theme parks and amusements like Epcot, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Walt Disney World, and […]