5 Ways To Reduce Drinking & Driving Accidents In Florida

| March 3, 2016

Two weeks ago, the National Safety Council (NSC) released its preliminary research findings for traffic fatalities in the United States, revealing that more people are dying in motor vehicle accidents in our state. Specifically, Florida had an 18% increase in motor vehicle accident deaths in 2015, making it the third highest state in traffic deaths […]

Is A Loose Object on the Floor A “Dangerous Condition?”

| December 1, 2015

Last Update: 12/22/15 Here in Florida, premises liability law (statutes and court cases) protects people who fall and get hurt  due to the fault of another. If someone is hurt in a “slip and fall” or a “trip and fall”, then Florida law will allow them to recover all types of damages that result from […]

Rear End Collision In Florida: Chain Reactions – The Truck And The Three Cars

| September 8, 2015

Last Update: 01/13/16 In Florida, rear end collision accidents happen every day. Especially here in South Florida, where we have lots of heavy traffic traveling through Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Unfortunately, making an insurance claim to recover your damages for this type of accident can be difficult. In any rear end collision, one […]

Construction Zone Car Crashes: Who Is Liable for an Auto Accident When There is Road Construction?

| May 28, 2015

Last Update: 01/13/16 Road work, either in maintaining and repairing Florida roadways; building new freeways; or expanding existing routes and streets, is pretty commonplace here in the area of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Driving to work, home, school, or off to the beach or a restaurant on the weekend means drivers pass those […]

Was Your Car Accident Caused by a Bad Road Design or Flawed Maintenance?

| May 26, 2015

Last Update: 02/03/16 South Florida – particularly Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties – is filled with roads, streets, and highways that move millions of vehicles each and every day. Some of these roadways have been in existence for years without any change in design or any improvement to increase traffic flow. Others, are new […]

Car Accidents With Company Cars or Commercial Vehicles: What is Respondeat Superior?

| May 19, 2015

Last Update: 01/13/16 Big rigs, delivery vans, taxi cabs: all sorts of vehicles sharing the roads with us every day are there for business or commercial purposes. Company cars and rental cars are provided to employees all the time and South Florida drivers share the roads with these employee – drivers too. Auto Accident With […]

10 Tips to Avoid a Rear-End Collision When Driving In The Rain

| May 14, 2015

Last Update: 01/13/16 Here in Florida, it rains a lot. Driving on wet, rainy streets and highways is part of everyday life in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties, and while people who had lived here a long time are accustomed to the storms and thunderclouds, people who are visiting Florida or who recently moved […]

Bald Tires, Worn Brakes, and a Florida Rain Storm: A Car Accident Waiting to Happen

| May 12, 2015

Last Update: 01/13/16 Storms are a part of life here in South Florida, particularly this time of year and throughout the summer. In fact, tourists and vacationers as well as part-time residents may not know, but Florida is known as the “thunderstorm capital of the United States.” It’s not unusual for The Sunshine State to […]

Did The At-Fault Driver Exceed The Speed Limit or Ignore a Warning Sign?

| April 28, 2015

Last Update:01/13/16 Anyone driving on Florida roads knows that there are all sorts of traffic signs out there for drivers to monitor. These traffic signs can be permanent (like speed limit signs or school crossing zone warnings) as well as temporary warning signs (like construction zone signs). They are all there to warn drivers about […]

Hit on the Side of the Road: Florida Pedestrian Accidents Working or Playing in the Street

| April 21, 2015

Last Update: 01/05/16 It’s usually nice weather here in South Florida and most of us like to get out and enjoy the sunshine and ocean breezes as much as we can. Drive through Miami Beach, Hallandale, Fort Lauderdale, or most of Broward or Dade County and you will find streets filled with people enjoying the […]