Documentary Evidence in Florida Personal Injury Cases

| May 18, 2017

Whether you have been in a car accident or slip and fall in Florida, it is important to understand some of the basic issues related to documentary evidence, including how documents become admissible evidence. This knowledge is so important because admissible evidence is at the foundation of proving any personal injury claim.     What […]

Slip and Falls in Grocery Stores Caused by Obstructions and Other Conditions in Store Aisles

| January 20, 2015

Last Update: 12/22/15 Grocery stores and food supermarkets are filled with lots of risks for slip and fall injuries, not the least of which are obstructions left in the aisles of the store.   What Are Some Common Obstructions in Grocery Store Aisles? Falls in grocery stores can happen because of many different dangers: poorly […]

Do You Still Have a Claim If You are Drunk or Intoxicated When You Slip and Fall?

| February 27, 2014

Last Update: 7/13/17 Florida is a fun place to be. Those of us that live here – especially in South Florida with all its beautiful beaches — know it. All those tourists from out of state and other countries know it too. There are a lot of parties, celebrations, and recreational activity in our area […]

Damages and Money Awards to Crime Victims: Can You File a Personal Injury Lawsuits for Financial Help and Justice After a Crime?

| September 17, 2013

Last Update: 01/18/16 Civil personal injury lawsuits are often the way that crime victims can find financial help and justice even after the criminal lawsuit has convicted the perpetrator of the crime that caused the person’s mental, physical, and psychological injuries.   Here, victims of crime try and get the money help and financial justice […]

Florida Wrongful Death Law as Justice for Crime Victims: the $44,000,000 Verdict in Yolanda Cerillo Case as an Example of Civil Lawsuits Helping Crime Victims

| September 5, 2013

Last Update: 01/25/16 The sad reality for many Florida crime victims is that after the crime has been committed, the victim needs cash, money to pay bills and meet basic family needs, and while the district attorney and the police may be compassionate about the situation and fierce about investigating and prosecuting the criminals, they […]