How Do You Know If A Driver Acted Reasonably In Trying To Prevent a Loss of Control Car Accident?

| June 30, 2016

In Florida, and elsewhere, motor vehicle accidents can happen for all sorts of reasons.  In order to find ways to reduce automobile collisions, insurance companies as well as industry researchers spend time sorting through all of the available car crash data dividing the different types of accidents into categories.  For example, rear-end collisions are one […]

Does a property owner have a duty to protect invitees from a criminal attack?

| May 18, 2016

Last Update: 6/12/18 According to Florida case law as of the date of this article, a property owner does not have a duty to protect invitees from a criminal attack, and the owner will not be held responsible for the criminal act of a third person that could not be foreseen or anticipated. See: Drake v. […]

When is a Crime Legally Foreseeable For a Florida Premises Liability Claim?

| June 2, 2015

Last Update: 09/29/16 Crimes happen all of the time here in South Florida, and all too often, people (residents of Florida as well as tourists) are injured during the commission of these crimes. Sometimes, these victims are hurt as a byproduct of the crime — for instance, a car crash happens as a robber speeds […]

What Type Of Legal Duty Does A Florida Property Owner Have For Injuries To Visitors?: Florida Premises Liability- Invitee, Licensee, & Trespasser Distinctions

| February 18, 2014

Last Update: 5/19/18 In Florida, the body of statutory law and court cases which creates legal liability for a property owner, liability which stems from the duties that a property owner owes to certain persons who have been hurt in an accident with serious injury or even death, is known as Florida’s Premises Liability law. […]

Infographic: FBI Reports Crimes by the Number

| September 20, 2013

Infographic: Rapes That Are Reported – 97 out of every 100 Rapes, the Rapist Walks Free (Courtesy of RAINN)

| September 6, 2013

Florida Wrongful Death Law as Justice for Crime Victims: the $44,000,000 Verdict in Yolanda Cerillo Case as an Example of Civil Lawsuits Helping Crime Victims

| September 5, 2013

Last Update: 01/25/16 The sad reality for many Florida crime victims is that after the crime has been committed, the victim needs cash, money to pay bills and meet basic family needs, and while the district attorney and the police may be compassionate about the situation and fierce about investigating and prosecuting the criminals, they […]

Crime Victims’ Compensation in Florida: Money Provided for Florida Victims of Crime Who Are Injured and Hurt During Crime

| August 27, 2013

Last Update: 01/25/16 Negligent security laws in Florida help people who have been hurt during the commission of a crime where the crime may not have happened but for the negligence actions of those responsible for keeping the premises and visitors safe. Negligent security lawsuits are brought for injuries occurring at hotels, college campuses, college […]

Crime Victim on Florida College or University: Have You or Your Child Been Hurt in a Crime on a Florida School Campus? Negligent Security Law for Florida Campus Crime

| August 13, 2013

Last Update: 01/25/16 Most serious crime victims on Florida college campuses are injured during the commission of a rape or other sex crime or during the commission of an assault and battery. These campus crime victims may be residents in campus dorms, students or faculty at the university or college, or someone working or visiting […]