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Sharing our knowledge on the challenges you face.

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Slip And Fall Depositions      

Last Update: 11/30/21 Depositions are a part of most slip and fall litigation cases. The answers given by the deposed party can impact a case in a meaningful way. For this reason, it is important for a victim to know the nature of the questions that will be asked of...

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Florida Car Accident Lawsuit

When you are involved in an automobile accident in the State of Florida, several laws come into play.  Some of these laws are unique to Florida, which impact both the at-fault driver and their victims. For instance, Florida is a “no-fault” state, it has a comparative...

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Wood Floor Slip and Fall Accidents

Last Update: 3/28/21 According to research by the National Floor Safety Institute, a non-profit safety organization, each year over 8,000,000 Americans need emergency medical treatment and tens of thousands of people die every year from a slip and fall. People of all...

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Negligence Lawsuits in Florida

Last Update: 11/24/21 3 Parts Of A Negligence Lawsuit: Proof, Defenses and The Jury. Some car accidents and slip and falls in Florida require that a lawsuit be filed in order for the injured party to receive compensation.  That is because the parties either cannot...

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Is an Ordinary Glass Door a Dangerous Condition?

Here in Florida, with all of our wonderful views, glass doors can be found in many homes, apartments, condos, as well as in the majority of commercial businesses.  Stroll along any of our many business areas in South Florida, and you will be hard pressed to find an...

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Bad Vision Can Lead To A Slip and Fall – 10/17/16 The facts are troubling; 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 will fall every year in the United States and impaired vision is a common contributing factor to a slip and fall. Although these odds seem scary, there are ways to prevent a slip and fall...

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