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Sharing our knowledge on the
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Sharing our knowledge on the challenges you face.

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Slip and Fall Accident on Marble Floors

Marble floors have been used for centuries in homes, churches, train stations, museums, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and theaters, among other places; it's a very beautiful and durable surface.  Today, marble is considered the most popular natural stone to be...

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Car Accident Verdicts For Pain and Sufferring

After a car accident, victims can suffer severe pain both at the time of the crash as well as in the weeks and months following the accident.  In fact, pain from a car crash is often a permanent disability. In Florida, pain and suffering is a basic element of any...

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Reasons To Sue A Restaurant In Florida

Slip and Falls, Food Poisoning, Burns, Discrimination And Other Personal Injury Claims. It is difficult to list the variety of restaurants available in Florida, and how many food and drink establishments operate here.  A telling statistic: according to the National...

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Florida Restaurant Laws     

Last Update: 8/9/20 There are several Florida restaurant laws that can be used to find a restaurant owner negligent, and therefore responsible to compensate a victim for his or her injuries. Based on the theory of negligence, anyone injured inside a restaurant or...

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