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Sharing our knowledge on the challenges you face.

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Reasons To Sue A Restaurant In Florida

Slip and Falls, Food Poisoning, Burns, Discrimination And Other Personal Injury Claims. It is difficult to list the variety of restaurants available in Florida, and how many food and drink establishments operate here.  A telling statistic: according to the National...

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Slip And Fall In A Restaurant Bathroom

Last Update: 1/27/19 3 Examples of Restaurant Bathroom Slip And Fall Lawsuits. As a general rule, under Florida’s premises liability law restaurants are liable for any negligence related injuries suffered by their customers or guests. This includes accidents happening...

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Florida Restaurant Laws     

Last Update: 8/9/20 There are several Florida restaurant laws that can be used to find a restaurant owner negligent, and therefore responsible to compensate a victim for his or her injuries. Based on the theory of negligence, anyone injured inside a restaurant or...

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Slip And Fall Depositions      

Last Update: 11/30/21 Depositions are a part of most slip and fall litigation cases. The answers given by the deposed party can impact a case in a meaningful way. For this reason, it is important for a victim to know the nature of the questions that will be asked of...

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