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Body Part Injuries (2024 Guide)

Common body part injuries from car accidents and slip and falls involve injuries to hands, ankles, shoulders, and back.  Some of the most serious injuries occur when these parts are broken or fractured. However, another common type of injury that often receives little respect from an insurance company and their adjuster are soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries like whiplash and tears to ligaments can be sometimes as debilitating as a broken bone.  In fact, it is possible that some soft tissue injuries can be a permanent injury.

The worst part of trying to settle a bodily injury claim with an insurance adjuster, especially a soft tissue injury, is that he or she will use a computer software program to decide what your claim is worth. Of course, the most troubling part of this practice is the issue of how a computer can evaluate your current pain and suffering, including your future pain and suffering.

A good piece of advice if you have been injured in a car accident or slip and fall, is to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn about your rights. The sooner you act the better because there are time limits in Florida to file a lawsuit (statute of limitations).

Florida Herniated Disk Injury Claims

When a medical provider is considering an accident victim’s injuries and the possibility of a herniated disk injury, he or she will consider certain signs and symptoms.

Ankle Injuries in a Slip and Fall Accident

Ankle injuries are the most common injury that results from a slip and fall and there are certain factors that a jury considers when awarding damages to the victim.

Shoulder Injury Claims Caused By A Car Accident

There are some difficulties in settling claims where the victim has incurred a shoulder injury in a car accident, including issues related to surgery, immobilization and rehabilitation.

Colossus and Xactimate: Did You Know That Big Insurance Companies Use Software Programs To Decide How Much Your Injury Claim Is Worth?

What you should know about insurance companies and the software programs used to calculate the claim amount offered to you. These programs are only as good as the information being fed to these machines.

Did You Delay Seeing A Doctor Because It Didn’t Hurt That Bad At First?: The Case Of The 5 Month Back Surgery Delay

If you’ve delayed going to a doctor after an accident, you are providing the defendant an argument not to pay damage claims. However, with the right information at the ready, you should be able to overcome any insurance adjuster bias.

Do You Still Have An Injury Claim If You Wait To See A Doctor Or If You Don’t File A Timely Incident Report After A Car Accident Or Other Personal Injury?

Read about why you should always seek immediate medical attention when you are injured in a car accident or when you have a slip and fall in Florida.

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