Florida Restaurant Laws     

| May 4, 2018

Florida statutory laws can be used to find a restaurant owner negligent, and therefore responsible to compensate a victim for his or her injuries. Based on the theory of negligence, anyone injured inside a restaurant or outside within its property lines may have a case against its owners and operators for personal injury damages. In […]

What is the best accident claim advice that I can share?

| October 30, 2015

Last Update: 02/03/16 In this video, Alan Sackrin answers a question that he has been asked many times before by clients and visitors to this site. If you have questions after watching the video, Alan is available to talk with you now and answer your questions free of charge: Q: What is the best accident […]

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Claim at a Theme Park Like Disney World

| July 7, 2015

Last Update: 5/19/18 Family fun in Florida, for both tourists and those living here, not only means going to the beach or enjoying water sports – it also means a trip to a theme park or amusement park, which for many people means one thing: a trip to Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World isn’t […]

Do You Still Have a Claim If You are Drunk or Intoxicated When You Slip and Fall?

| February 27, 2014

Last Update: 7/13/17 Florida is a fun place to be. Those of us that live here – especially in South Florida with all its beautiful beaches — know it. All those tourists from out of state and other countries know it too. There are a lot of parties, celebrations, and recreational activity in our area […]

What Type Of Legal Duty Does A Florida Property Owner Have For Injuries To Visitors?: Florida Premises Liability- Invitee, Licensee, & Trespasser Distinctions

| February 18, 2014

Last Update: 5/19/18 In Florida, the body of statutory law and court cases which creates legal liability for a property owner, liability which stems from the duties that a property owner owes to certain persons who have been hurt in an accident with serious injury or even death, is known as Florida’s Premises Liability law. […]

Tourist Injuries: How Florida Tourist Hurt While Here on Vacation or on Business Can Get Help Under Florida Law

| December 31, 2013

Last Update: 01/27/16 Welcome to Florida! Visitors to the Sunshine State are welcomed with open arms by Florida residents as well as Florida businesses – the tourism industry is a big part of the Florida economy. Florida wouldn’t be the same without those visitors who live in sunny Florida for part of the year (our […]

Hurt at a Florida Theme Park? Did You Slip and Fall at Disney or Another Florida Amusement Park? Florida Premises Liability Law Controls Your Claim

| November 14, 2013

Last Update: 04/18/17 Florida is a fun place to be — those that live here know it, and people coming here for family vacations or winter living (snowbirds) know it, too. We have sun and sand and friendly people. And, we also have a whole lot of fun parks here, Theme Parks and Amusement Parks. […]