Top 13 Reasons to Sue a Florida Landlord

| November 20, 2014

Last Update: 5/9/18 In Florida, there is a large amount of law on the books to protect tenants against the bad acts and wrongdoing of landlords. The law is particularly explicit regarding the duties placed upon residential landlords who are renting homes, condos and apartments for a profit; commercial tenants leasing business spaces do not […]

What Are The Duties That a Florida Landlord Has To Its Residential Tenants and Their Guests?

| November 13, 2014

Last Update: 10/3/17 Disputes between landlords and tenants are common here in Florida. Unfortunately, all too often Florida lawyers see good people living in a home, apartment, or condo having to deal with discourteous and disrespectful landlords who are solely concerned with their bottom line profit. These tenants have to deal with landlords who put […]

Landlord Failed to Prevent a Crime; Can The Tenant Sue The Landlord For Injuries?

| November 6, 2014

Last Update: 01/05/16 Home is your sanctuary, or at least it should be, and just because you rent doesn’t mean you don’t get to relax and feel safe there. That is something that we all deserve to enjoy. That feeling of safety is something that Florida law protects, and when a landlord fails to fulfill […]

Repair Claims By a Tenant; Can You Sue The Landlord For Your Injuries?

| November 4, 2014

Last Update: 3/5/18 When you rent an apartment here in Florida (or condo, duplex, house), you will likely sign a lease agreement filled with lots of paragraphs of complicated language, most of which seem to outline your duties and obligations as a tenant. Issues like when the rent is due, how the rent is to […]

What Type Of Legal Duty Does A Florida Property Owner Have For Injuries To Visitors?: Florida Premises Liability- Invitee, Licensee, & Trespasser Distinctions

| February 18, 2014

Last Update: 5/19/18 In Florida, the body of statutory law and court cases which creates legal liability for a property owner, liability which stems from the duties that a property owner owes to certain persons who have been hurt in an accident with serious injury or even death, is known as Florida’s Premises Liability law. […]

Money Damages Awarded by Florida Juries in Personal Injury Cases: Jury Instructions Established by Florida Supreme Court to Help Jury Calculate Money Amounts for Injury Damages

| September 10, 2013

Last Update: 7/13/17 When someone is seriously injured and a lawsuit is filed to recover compensation for those injuries, one of many Florida personal injury laws will apply to the case. Substantive laws (negligence, premises liability, negligent security, etc.) and procedural laws govern how the case moves from filing to the moment when the jury […]

Crime Victims’ Compensation in Florida: Money Provided for Florida Victims of Crime Who Are Injured and Hurt During Crime

| August 27, 2013

Last Update: 01/25/16 Negligent security laws in Florida help people who have been hurt during the commission of a crime where the crime may not have happened but for the negligence actions of those responsible for keeping the premises and visitors safe. Negligent security lawsuits are brought for injuries occurring at hotels, college campuses, college […]

Florida Landlord May Be Legally Responsible Under Negligent Security Laws For An Injury To A Tenant Who Has Been The Victim Of A Sexual Assault Crime

| August 1, 2013

Last Update: 1/28/18 Florida law has long recognized that there are times when a Florida landlord will be responsible to a Florida tenant for injuries sustained by the tenant, especially where the tenant is the victim of crime.  These are crimes which occur anywhere on the leased property (inside the tenant’s unit or home, in […]